Great News!  Today Kickstarter has approved our project.  This is great news because Kickstarter doesn't approve everyone.  But it's because of this selection that they have a success rate of 43%.  We also just found this other site called Prefundia where we can post our project before it launches on Kickstarter for feedback.  So we're going to post it there first and we'll keep you updated when it's live on Prefundia.

Our website is now live!  Check back often and watch our progression on this timeline.

Our clients and good friends over at Angry Coders are a crack team of tech nerds.  They don’t just think outside the box; they laugh at the box and make a new, better box, with flashing lights. And a touch-screen. And a fleet of automated drones.  #DashboardCiao will be designed by the Viral In Nature team of award winning Social Media Specialist but built by Angry Coders from the ground up.

Shawn Alain, President of Viral In Nature

At Viral In Nature, an award winning social media agency, we are literally managing hundreds of social media platforms 12 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.  We set up our clients on the following platforms; Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp and UrbanSpoon.  We then have around a dozen different tools, secret recipes and devices such as Hootsuite, BufferApp, plugins, iPads and more that we plug in to all of these profiles to allow us to manage them more efficiently and effectively.  A typical client set up will take us around eight hours per business.  Also when we make up social media reports for clients it's really difficult to have uniform statistics across all platforms.  Some reports out there are really great, but they don't cover the most important platforms.  Other reports give lots of deep data that is great for media geeks but way too much info for a business owner to understand and take action on.  So when we sift through the data it takes us three hours per client to create a report.  Well three hours per report is a full time position and a wage that we'd have to pass on to the client.  There's also so many other components and ways that could help increase social media return on investment.

That's when I said enough is enough, there has got to be a better way and the idea of #DashboardCiao was born.

Shawn Alain
Viral In Nature


Social Media Command Centre

Located in Calgary, Alberta

#DashboardCiao, created by #ViralInNature, is located in Calgary, Canada in this old church built in 1912 just outside the downtown core.
70 6a St. NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E4A3 1.844.403.BUZZ (2899)

Who we are

Viral In Nature is an award winning social media agency in Calgary, Alberta. We manage the social media for businesses ranging from your local bakery and florist, to much larger international corporations and publicly traded companies.
Mission Statement: Capturing the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA for the benefit of our clients

Designed for Return On Investment

Built by Programmers, but designed by our award winning team of Social Media Specialists with one goal in mind, to achieve business social media goals. We do this by making an application designed for efficiency, effectiveness, easy to read and actionable reporting that shows measurable ROI (Return On Investment) to the business owner.

Who will benefit from this app

This is made specifically with business owners in mind.

  • Small Business Owner - It's ideal for small businesses where the business owner also manages their own social media and needs something to help make their time more efficient and social media more effective.
  • Organizations and Franchises - Ideal for large corporations and franchises that manage some of the largest and most active social media profiles with their team of professionals and collaborators.
  • Agencies - For the social media agency that manages several businesses platforms ranging from large to small.
  • Working Professional - And yes there will be a version for individuals own personal social media.